2017 Program

Day 1
11 Jan 2017
Day 2
12 Jan 2017
Day 3
13 Jan 2017

2017 Registration

On-site guests will be able to check-in early to receive conference materials.  


Mehmood Khan
John Wang

Keynote Speech

Bernard J. Tyson

Panel A1: New Majority’s social identity, political power, and economic purchasing power

Corporate diversity strategies no longer focus on counting the numbers of people from underrepresented populations who join employee ranks.  They now recognize the positive correlation of a diverse workforce with...
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Ron Busby, Sr.
Rogelio Sáenz
Karthick Ramakrishnan
Wallace Ford
Ti-Hua Chang

Panel A2: How 3 Ethnic Groups build Sustainable Partnerships for future collaboration

Building sustainable partnerships with others requires new skills, such as the ability to see others beyond our own cultural perspective, and to understand the value of cooperation over competition. It...
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Michael J. Garner
José Calderón
Dr. Dario A. Cortes
Kamesh Nagarajan
Fred S. Teng

Lunch / Keynote Speech

Andrew J.C. Cherng
Richard Lui

Lunch / Dialogue on Election

Political Journalists View: what a Trump Administration means for business and policy in “New Majority” community The big question: what will 2017 bring in government and the economy? A common answer...
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Jon Ralston
Richard Lui

Session B Presentation – Corporate Social Responsibility: A Change Agent for Empowering the New Majority

INCLUSION + INNOVATION Building a diverse workforce is one thing; cultivating an inclusive culture that actively encourages people to express their unique perspectives—that is, an organization where “diversity of thought” consistently sparks...
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Michelle Kan

Panel B1: Reenergizing Supplier Diversity

Programs have emerged over the years to ensure that diverse businesses are a part of the mainstream of US corporations and part of the nation’s free enterprise system.  Yet many New Majority businesses still...
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Karen Blackwell
Clint W. Grimes
Bill Imada
Ankit Brahmkshatri

Panel B2: Tech Incubators on a Mission of Diversity

Tech incubators are an innovative path through which African Americans, Hispanic, female and other New Majority entrepreneurs and professionals can gain a secure foothold in the new economy. Graduates of...
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Frank Carbajal
Guillermo Diaz, Jr.
John Nahm
Clayton Banks
Roman Leal

Panel B3: Strategic Outreach and Marketing Programs to Support and Empower the New Majority

A number of major corporations have launched innovative programs committed to reaching out and developing long-term relationships with the New Majority and the nonprofit organizations that serve those communities. Panelists...
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Chiqui Cartagena
Joyce Chang
Thomas Phelps IV
Srinivas D. Reddy
Michael E. Chen

Casino Night / Entertainment

Come learn how to master the blackjack, craps, generic roulette, and texas holdem from the experts! Please fill the RSVP form by clicking here: http://goo.gl/zg797v Please meet at Registration Table at...
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Session C Keynote -New Majority Women Corporate Leadership and Development

The rise of the New Majority is prompting a huge change in how businesses are identifying diverse leadership. To prepare for a new inclusive model of doing business, corporations are...
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Nellie Borrero

Panel C1: New Majority Women in Executive Leadership

What does it take for women to lead successful organizations?  Whether you are a founder or an executive of an innovative enterprise, you are likely to encounter special challenges –...
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Robin L. Washington
Abby C. Fiorella
Helen Loh
Deanna Archuleta

Panel C2: New Majority Advocacy in Corporations

One of the ways to leverage the power of the New Majority is through advocacy to bring attention to unaddressed needs, and to create new opportunities.  The panelists will discuss...
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Cid Wilson
Dnika J. Travis
Ronald C. Parker
Linda Akutagawa

Lunch/Keynote speech

The New Mainstream Economy: Driving our Economy’s Growth Today and Accelerating for Tomorrow
Solomon D. Trujillo

Panel D1: Empowering and Influencing the Multicultural Millennial

Much has been written and spoken about the millennials: their work ethic, attitudes toward family, politics and expectations. This panel convenes a multicultural group of young entrepreneurs who represent the...
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Chieh Huang
Andrea Guendelman
Nanxi Liu
Tim Hwang
Jason Ma

Panel D2: Grooming High-Performing Professionals

How do New Majority communities identify and develop high-performing professionals for senior leadership positions? How do they access and gain exposure to senior leaders and key decision makers and how...
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Mandell L. Crawley
Therese Bechet Blake
Michael E. Chen
Lorna Randlett

Panel E1: Post Election: Impact and Responses from the New Majority

Rudy Pamintuan
Frank H. Wu
Wallace Ford
Deanna Archuleta

Summing up the Summit: Connect, Collaborate, Contribute

Unpack the full 2 days of information, ideas, comments, feedback into action points to take back to your corporation, team, business, school, and workplace. Join a facilitated, interactive discussion that...
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