2018 Program

Day 1
29 Jan 2018
Day 2
30 Jan 2018


On-site guests will be able to check-in early to receive conference materials.

Welcoming Remarks

Welcoming Remarks Appreciations History and Overview of the Conference
John Wang

keynote Speech

Phyllis J. Campbell

The New Majority Alliance and the new business model

Defining the term “New Majority” – what it means, demographic changes, implications for the current majority. How and why the New Majority Alliance was formed, who the key participants are,...
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Cid Wilson
John Wang
Nellie Borrero
Ronald C. Parker
Michael E. Chen

New Majority Alliance + CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion: How the New Majority will contribute to and collaborate with CEO-led initiatives

Panelists will share business perspective on the importance and timeliness of the New Majority Alliance. They will address overlapping interests in promoting practices that support multicultural workforces that are an...
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Stephen R. Howe, Jr.
Cid Wilson
David Chun
Deborah L. DeHaas
Ronald C. Parker

Evolving the “I” in the D&I: Reimagining Inclusion

Is it time for a new approach to historic diversity & inclusion corporate programs? Some businesses like Deloitte are shifting to the Inclusion aspect, and trying an innovative approach by adding inclusion...
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Deborah L. DeHaas
Pamela Puryear
Yvette Donado
Fernando Serpa
Fran Dillard

Briefing on Political shifts: What the New Majority needs to know

Members of 3 political caucuses will speak about the political landscape, economic development and job creation, as well as challenges to EEO and Affirmative Action. Moderator: Sapna Parikh  Panelists: Congresswoman...
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Gregory Meeks
Nydia Velazquez
Grace Meng
Sapna Parikh - Master of Ceremonies


Carla Harris

Journalism and the Media – Keeping the Spotlight on Gender and Racial Representation

The Fourth Estate faces intense scrutiny amid heightened political tensions, vigilance over “fake news” and the proliferation of unofficial news creators from the general public, politicians and celebrities. As priorities...
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Derek T. Dingle
Tanzina Vega
Richard Lui
Ramy Inocencio

Millennial Perspectives on Identity – Intersectionality and Convergence

Millennials, the new generation joining the workforce, are redefining diversity.  They resist demographic pigeonholes and instead highlight their multiple identities as well as their commonalities as global citizens. How does...
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Xiaotang Huang
Ace Watanasuparp
Noel Shu
Reham Fagiri

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On-site guests will be able to check-in early to receive conference materials.


Jonathan Spector

Academic Admission Wars: Diversity, Quotas, Merit and How New Majority Communities Can Stand Together

Getting into elite universities has become a new battlefield, as white applicants sue institutions that they say are discriminating against a majority group, while some Asian students say they are...
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Dr. Dario A. Cortes
Karthick Ramakrishnan
Nadirah Farah Foley
OiYan Poon

Gender Gaps: Women, minority women in particular, are under-represented in the tech industry and are facing significant barriers

Can the New Majority Alliance change this equation? What are some practical steps that companies can and have taken to increase the representation of women and women of color in...
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Veronica L. Nelson
Anshu Kak
Deborah Gillis
Maria Alvarez
Dr. Talmesha Richards
Wendy Toh


Timothy F. Ryan

Revolution and Evolution: What Advertisers, Marketers and Communicators Need to Know to Address The New Majority

What Advertisers, Marketers and Communicators Need to Know to Address The New Majority The fluidity of change and the democratization of content have placed many consumers in the drivers’ seats...
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Marc Stephenson Strachan
Arun Kumar
Shay Fu
Chiqui Cartagena
Bill Imada

New Majority and Communities

Role of New Majority groups in steering investment, funding and development back into the communities, for economic development. Virtuous circles that will help expand the market for businesses which will...
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Jo-Ann Yoo
Arva Rice
Danielle Marlene Robinson
José Calderón
Maria Escorcia
Ron Busby, Sr.

Forging Ahead – Proactive Approaches to Recruitment, Professional Development and Civic Involvement

Despite public rhetoric and legal challenges to the contrary, businesses and corporations cannot afford to close their doors to diverse talent and innovative ideas. These tend to emerge from unconventional...
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Patsy Doerr
Pam Lipp-Hendricks
Jyoti Chopra
Linda Akutagawa
Michael J. Garner