2020 Program

Day 1
08 Jan 2020
8:00 – 8:50am

Networking Breakfast

A Conversation with Indra Nooyi

A visionary leader and one of the world’s most influential business women, Indra Nooyi, will sit down with Mehmood Khan, CEO of Life Biosciences, to discuss authentic leadership, changing paradigms...
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Indra K. Nooyi
Mehmood Khan

Reimagining the Purpose of a Corporation: Meeting the needs of today’s workforce

As the workforce and technology continue to evolve rapidly, organizations and their leaders are presented with both a myriad of opportunities and the toughest challenges yet. Today’s workforce is eager...
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Lisa Chang
Michael Alicea
Terri Cooper
Anish Batlaw
10:30 – 11:00


Diversity & Innovation, to the Power of 5!

Five generations in the workplace, while not without its share of challenges, can be a competitive advantage for smart organizations able to recognize and harness its power. Future innovation will...
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Pamela Lipp-Hendricks
Eugene Kelly
Willard McCloud III
Umran Beba
Yau Cheng
12:30 – 13:30


Spotlight on Employee/Business Resource Groups (Breakout Sessions)

Employee/Business Resource Groups (ERGs/BRGs) are both an entry point to engaging workforce in D&I strategy and a far-reaching, critical engine of such strategy. As we develop one of the more...
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Jean Luna Lau
Maria Logiopoulou
Shital Bhatt
Christina Altomare
Yiting Shen
Hernan Celis
Priya Rajani
Allen Chen
Nancy Yao Maasbach
Kristen Holly
Kathleen Navarro
Priya Udeshi Crick
Joseph Hwang
Norma Tan
14:45 – 15:10


Afternoon Keynote

Thomas Nides

Leadership Evolution: Engaging and elevating Asian American Talent

As organizations prepare for the generational transition of leadership and power, it is necessary to not only create better leadership development resources, but to ensure equity in access to the...
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Karen Fang
Anne Lim O’Brien
Sharda Cherwoo
Kim Lee
James Kalani Lee
17:00 – 19:00