2021 Program

Day 1
05 Feb 2021
Day 2
08 Feb 2021

Opening Keynote

Vivek Sankaran

Leadership in Action: Steering Organizations and Communities From Crisis to Recovery

Business leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate their ability to steer their workforces and enterprises from crisis to recovery. With the recognition that companies have a responsibility to promote...
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Michael D. Park
Seth Kaufman
Roy Weathers
Vivek Sankaran

COVID-19 and Advancing Asian American Recovery Fireside Chat

COVID-19 has majorly impacted all segments of US society. And according to McKinsey’s study issued last year, “Asian Americans have suffered disproportionately across a number of metrics. Certain parts of...
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Samuel Huang
Adrian Kwok
Emily Yueh
Ti-Hua Chang

Empowering Employees to be Change Agents for Minority Communities

Younger generations in the workforce don’t just want to sit by and wait for their companies to fix society problems – they want to be active advocates of solutions. Increasingly,...
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Lisa Chang
Caroline Rhodes
Susan K. Reid
Shannon Schuyler