Evolving the “I” in the D&I: Reimagining Inclusion

29 Jan 2018
10:45 – 11:45
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Conference Center

Evolving the “I” in the D&I: Reimagining Inclusion

Is it time for a new approach to historic diversity & inclusion corporate programs? Some businesses like Deloitte are shifting to the Inclusion aspect, and trying an innovative approach by adding inclusion councils to complement their employee resource groups and women’s networks to focus on solving some of the greatest needs of their people. What are other corporations doing, and what innovations are emerging as work force becomes more multicultural and D&I is more connected to business outcomes?

Moderator: May Snowden 


Deborah DeHaas, Pamela Puryear, Yvette Donado, Fran Dillard, Fernando Serpa