Spotlight on Employee/Business Resource Groups (Breakout Sessions)

Spotlight on Employee/Business Resource Groups (Breakout Sessions)

Employee/Business Resource Groups (ERGs/BRGs) are both an entry point to engaging workforce in D&I strategy and a far-reaching, critical engine of such strategy. As we develop one of the more popular topics of 2019 AABR Summit, we focus on specific aspects of ERG/BRG development.

Session A: How to build an effective pan-Asian ERG

Best practices and watch-outs in creating a community for a group that is so diverse and nuanced: there is no through-line (language, religion, culture, etc.) among all the groups that make up Asians; further some groups that technically should be included do not self-identify as Asian; there are different levels of acculturation, etc. In some industries Asians don’t feel underrepresented overall; at the same time, this overlooks lack of Asian representation in leadership or lack of Asian diversity.

Session B: Collaborating across ERG lines

ERGs are often siloed – there is room for better collaboration among them. They can create space for authentic, uncomfortable and necessary conversations to help others understand the different challenges that New Majority employees face. Creating allies and advocates across differences helps to address issues through conversation, collaboration and visibility. Such collaborations might also help engage Millennials and Gen Z, who value community and embrace their multifaceted identities.

Session C: ERGs focused on generational theme

Approaches to engaging all five generations currently in the workplace are as diverse as those generations themselves! Representatives of Bank of America’s Inter-Generational Employee Network, inclusive of all generations, and Macy’s ATLAS ERG (Aspiring to Lead And Succeed), focused on Millennials, compare notes and share pros & cons of these two different approaches. Learn about the exciting transformation of a grass-roots effort that turned into Global Innovation Corps which is more inclusive and tied into IBM’s business strategy.