Taking Risks and Changing the Game

AABR’s mission has always been about collaboration and connections. The AABR Summit has now been running successfully for four years and since its inception has continued to evolve into the leading Asian American and minority focused business roundtable.

Initially hosted in Las Vegas in the first two years, the forum moved to New York in the past two years, attracting an audience of over 300 corporate, community, and government leaders, business executives, young professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to discuss diversity, inclusion, and equality issues. The AABR Summit is highly anticipated each year with many Fortune 500 companies participating as sponsors, featured speakers, and attendees.

AABR Sponsors will be featured as key partners in the annual conference supporting not only Asian Americans but minorities as a whole in a continuous effort to bring meaningful change to diversity and inclusion in Corporate America. As one of AABDC’s largest events of the year, the initiatives emerging from AABR are followed up throughout the year, providing even more opportunities for sponsors to engage, interact and promote the brand to the vast group of AABR senior speakers, partners, and collaborators.


  • CONNECT: Connect with many of the most innovative and influential diverse leaders in business today
  • COLLABORATE: Collaborate with other industry corporate and organization leaders who have a shared vision of diverse and inclusive business leadership, mentorship and building capacity
  • CONTRIBUTE: Contribute to the creation of ideas and solutions for business, leadership and social issues that directly affect the diverse New Majority community by providing resources including funding, speakers and sponsoring participants that are stakeholders in diversity and inclusion
  • BRANDING: Position your brand as a leader in social and community development
  • INSIGHT: Provide insights into your successes, and gain perspectives from top executives of other major corporations to learn from the best


Contact John Wang to discuss sponsorship packages: 212-966-0100, johnwang@aabdc.com


December 23, 2019


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