Summit V

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The Young and the Relentless:

How the NOW Generation is Shaping Diversity in the Workplace for the Future

As demographics and technology continue to evolve rapidly, organizations and their leaders are presented with both a myriad of opportunities and the toughest challenges yet. Millennials and Gen Z have become a significant influential group in our economy. Their values will have a significant influence on how we define the purpose of a corporation, what we expect of leaders, and the role Diversity & Inclusion play in organizational strategy. Contribute to this conversation by attending the 5th annual AABR Summit on January 8th, 2020!

Summit Co-Chairs:

John Wang,

Founder and President,

Asian American Business Development Center

Jue Wong,

Global CEO,


Michael E. Chen

General Partner and CEO,

Chen & Associates


The Asian American Business Roundtable: established in 2016 as a platform to harness the talent of the Outstanding 50 awardees to collaborate and exert influence in their respective industries. The forum has expanded to include outstanding senior New Majority (African American, Hispanic, and Asian) business executives, to generate ideas and provide counsel on business and leadership issues of broad social and economic interest. The AABR is a catalyst for business opportunities and groundbreaking solutions for social good.

Event Description:

A Conversation with Indra Nooyi, former Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo

A visionary leader and one of the world’s most influential businesswomen, Indra Nooyi, will sit down with Mehmood Khan, CEO of Life Biosciences, to discuss authentic leadership, changing paradigms and importance of diverse talent development.

Panel 1: Reimagining the Purpose of a Corporation: Idealistic promises or monumental systemic change?

Business Roundtable’s statement on “the purpose of a corporation”, issued in 2019, is a monumental shift in the corporate convention. Terri Cooper, Chief Inclusion Officer, Deloitte will moderate a discussion about the trend of corporate/CEO activism and how the growing CEO interest and action in advancing diversity objectives influence the level and focus of internal D&I conversations.

Panel 2: Diversity & Innovation, to the Power of 5!

Five generations in the workplace, while not without its share of challenges, can be a competitive advantage for smart organizations able to recognize and harness its power. Future innovation will depend on an organization’s ability to leverage the collective skills and experiences of a generationally diverse workforce. We’ve invited Chief Diversity Officers from a variety of industries to share their innovative approaches to solving this challenge.

Umran Beba, Chief Global Diversity and Engagement Officer, PepsiCo

Eugene Kelly, Global Diversity Officer, Colgate Palmolive

Spotlight on Employee/Business Resource Groups

You are invited to join one of the breakout sessions where you will actively participate alongside your peers from various industries to tackle a specific ERG/BRG- related challenge:

Session A: How to build an effective pan-Asian ERG: Best practices and watch-outs in creating a community for a group that is so diverse and nuanced.

Session B: Collaborating across ERG lines: ERGs are often siloed – there is room for better collaboration among them. Creating allies across differences helps to address New Majority challenges.

Session C: ERGs focused on the generational theme: Approaches to engaging all five generations currently in the workplace are as diverse as those generations themselves!

Panel 3: Leadership Evolution: Elevating Asian American Talent

This panel of distinguished Asian American leaders will propose practical solutions that can be implemented to make corporate leadership more representative of employees, customers, and marketplaces.

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